The Home We Built is Serving Its Purpose

The house we built for The Farm Place has been leased by a licensed foster care family for several months now and we thought the community might like to know more about how the home is being used. Strict privacy laws prohibit us from sharing information about the foster care family or the children who live there.

Ever since she was a young girl our foster parent had a strong desire to care for children. In the church where she grew up, she served with the kids’ ministries. “In the Bible, James talks about helping the fatherless and widows, and that caused a desire in me to do foster care,” she said.

She has been a licensed foster care provider since the beginning of 2019. She went through all the state mandated courses to become a foster parent, and before earning her license she provided respite care for other foster parents so they could get occasional breaks.

Foster parent holds a child's hand.

One of the biggest challenges in foster care is finding ways each child needs love and care demonstrated to them, as the circumstances are completely different from child to child. She said, “Some are physically abused, sexually abused, or completely neglected; some don’t want physical touch, conversation, or even eye contact. You have to figure it out with each child over time. It requires a lot of patience.”

The foster parent feels that the most rewarding aspect of foster care is helping children find peace to move forward. “Knowing I’m helping, that they are protected, showing them that they can be safe. I take them to church and teach them that even when we aren’t with them, God loves them. They grow and become stronger in that belief. I teach them prayers and they learn to trust in God. As they become more comfortable they begin to feel more safe and secure.”

Since moving into the home earlier this winter, more than a dozen kids have come through the house at The Farm Place, in addition to the children who live there on a longer-term basis. Our foster parent says the big house is a great blessing, and the children are happy to have their own rooms. “Often it’s much nicer than any place they’ve ever lived.”

When asked what she likes most about the house she laughed and said, “The kitchen because I love to cook and bake! And all the space for the kids to play.” Because the house is so spacious one of the spare bedrooms was converted into a game room with foos ball, jet hockey, games, and toys. Along with the big, open basement room the kids are able to spread out and give each other space.

A lot of thought and prayer went into selecting our foster parent. We are very grateful to have someone providing such loving care to these children who are passing through hard times.

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